Discover Your Authentic Self …

Do resentment and fear poison your relationships?

Feel like loneliness is a life sentence?

Struggle with truly expressing yourself even with those closest to you?

I can help.

Trust and hope are key elements in  the work of building a healthier life through counseling.  Many people question if such things are even possible-they despair of being able to connect, of feeling happy, or of finding the love they so strongly desire. I understand. I have been there and I continue to work and struggle at times myself.

But learning and working and growing are the tools to breaking out of isolation.  My work with counseling clients is built on the belief that our ability to connect, to discover that we are not alone, and to embrace our unique opportunity for love and belonging are greatest source of health and meaningful living available to us.  I utilize a  pragmatic and personalized approach to therapy with a focus on creating real change in a timely manner. Come in and begin the work

I work well with individuals and families that are struggling with anxiety, shyness, and isolation including children who are being bullied or who suffer with Aspergers Syndrome. I also specialize in work with LGBT clients and their families. If you are a person living with Aspergers or are a LGBT person you understand what it feels like to be different and to feel alone. In counseling with me you can expect friendly, specific, and practical information and encouragement to express the thoughts and feelings you have been too afraid to communicate before. I offer appointments in both Louisville and Shepherdsville and I am available for weekend (Saturday) and evenings appointments.

I also provide a specialized service through the Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing (EMDR). EMDR is clinically proven method for reducing the effects of trauma, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other forms of mood and thought disruptions.

Individuals often say that through counseling they have felt understood for the first time in their lives. They are able to find confidence to speak for themselves and to finally pursue their own hopes and dreams instead of being trapped in taking care of others. Make your appointment today!

Begin to find the life you want today!! 


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jwalk1162Discover your authentic self….