Lonely in a relationship? Breaking through blocks to intimacy- Part 2

So many times one partner in a couple will say “I am not sure what I want but I know it is not this…”. Before demanding change of the one you love be sure you know that change you will need to make for yourself.  Repairing relationships is often a multi-step process.

For some couples and families require initial individual sessions to allow each individual a chance to vent their fears and frustrations before beginning the task of joint sessions. Others may benefit from beginning in joint sessions with the opportunity for individual times to explore thoughts and emotions before bringing them to the joint sessions. Finding the right balance is an individual choice and may require different experiments before a final process is determined.

The process of repairing relationship will be an exciting, terrifying, frustrating, funny, and rewarding experience. You will learn that the way to be closer to others is to be more fully yourself- truly expressing your unique perspectives and reactions. Those around you will likely be confused, pleased, frustrated, and supportive of the ‘new you’ that will emerge in the course of therapy.

You will be alone at times in the course of repairing relationships. There is no way to avoid this. There are aspects of your memories and experiences that no one else will fully understand or appreciate. But even as you face these painful times you find that you are stronger and that the times pass much more quickly than before because now you have someone waiting for you when you return. A relationship with a personal therapist can provide the support and encouragement you need to  continue on even when the challenges seem overwhelming. Don’t be afraid. Begin the journey now.

Heal the love you have today!  Schedule a session today! Conatc JIm Walker, LCSW @ 502 494-6631 or jimwalkerlcsw@ hushmail.com

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jwalk1162Lonely in a relationship? Breaking through blocks to intimacy- Part 2

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